'waiting' porcelain collection
a collection of porcelain tableware consisting of plates and bowls in different sizes colors and proportions all items can be used independently of each-other the collection is distinct in its use of soft, mat tints, suitable to the aesthetics of food. items are handmade and it's made one by one the imperfections are part of the esthetics's and crucial for the design

Ruud van Oosterhout has been working with Royal Leerdam Crystal Since 2007, on the design and creation of his crystal series, an exclusive collection of crystal objects. the designs are an exploration of form, shape, colour, proportion, creations that retain a powerful emotional punch. it's about purity and intimacy; with just a few resources the object is given its existence in space. the material appeals very much to the imagination, in part because of the historical feeling of luxury and the magnificent craftsmanship