long, cut, round

Royal Leerdam Crystal 2010

crystal series inspired by master glassblower Andries Copier

Ruud van Oosterhout crystal series ‘Widows’, evokes a sense of serenity and understated clarity. ‘Widows’ is a proud collection of classical shapes that combines historical perspectives with contemporary, gracious restraint.
“Through my ‘Widows’ collection, I sought to establish the optimal relationship between the material and the master glassblower”, explains Ruud van Oosterhout. “The close working relationship between the master glassblower and the designer is essential in the design process and for the design itself. That is why my creations are almost completely bereft of colour. I wanted to accentuate the clarity of the Crystal collection. Furthermore, the use of colour would have diverted attention away from the shape and form. I eventually opted for off-white, like the early morning mist that envelops the land. A misty cloud that blends and immerses itself beautifully into the material.”